Building Support in Central New York

​Sara M. Pletcher

GROWMARK FS, LLC, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

The GROWMARK FS Sangerfield, New York location is more than itching for the spring busy season to begin.  The reason for welcoming 80 hour work weeks: a brand new, state-of-the-art blend plant, fertilizer storage, and office building! 

            Sangerfield, located in central New York, serviced 545 customers in fiscal year 2015 out of a 1,200 ton fertilizer facility.  Location employees Denise Goedel and Scott Woodhouse said they would have to fill the bins 12 times a season to keep up with the demand.  After demolishing the old storage and office building, which proved to be more critical than imagined, Centurion Construction Group, LLC designed and constructed a new storage building that holds 4 times the old building at a 5,000 ton capacity.  

"We had reached the limit as to how many more tons could move through the old plant," location manager Tim Winters said.  "Growth was impossible.  Until demolition took place, we had no idea how poor the building integrity was.  We knew it was bad, but...," he added.

            The project began in late spring 2015 with the construction of a new office building to welcome customers.  A week after staff moved into their new office in July 2015, the demolition of the old storage and office building took place.  By August 3, the Sangerfield staff saw construction begin on their new facility and watched, throughout the fall and early winter, as concrete was poured and walls were erected.  On January 12, they all celebrated when they saw their first load of fertilizer rolling through their brand new, state-of-the-art product receiving system. 

            Winters is pleased with the nearly (a few small items remain on the to-do list) finished product.  "It's great knowing that employees, customers, and GFS, as a company, have impacted the agricultural business in central New York for years to come," Winters said.  "Farms and equipment have gotten bigger with very little, if any, change to the infrastructure needed to support that growth," he added.

            GFS is proud to be the support system these farmers have long desired in the central New York region and the Sangerfield team will be eager to service these customers out of their new facility – even if it means minimal sleep and 80 hour work weeks.  But, in ag, who doesn't love that part?

Fun facts of new plant construction

  • Weight of each bin wall is 11,000 lbs
  • Nearly 7.3 miles of 2X12s and 1,235 sheets of plywood were used