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Propane & Fuels FAQ

Fees & Charges

Growmark FS, LLC. currently charges fees to propane and heating oil customers for certain service items. For more information, please refer to your service contract or read more below.


Growmark FS, LLC. currently charges a DEF Fee, or Delivery Efficiency Fee, to propane and heating oil customers. The DEF Fee partially offsets the costs associated with maintaining and updating our delivery operations infrastructure, including fleet upgrades, software and delivery hardware upgrades and maintenance, as well as, providing advanced monitoring options that ensure we deliver fuel to our customers as efficiently as possible. At Growmark FS we believe in charging the DEF Fee as a separate line item on the customer’s invoice, allowing our operations to more effectively plan and properly allocate funds to our efficiency impact initiatives. Our goal is to reduce our overall environmental impact while continuing to provide our customers with superior service. This fee is not imposed by any government agency, nor do we pay any portion of the DEF Fee which we collect to any government agency.

Tank Rent

Growmark FS, LLC. offers lease options for LP storage tanks and accessories for many types of customer applications. We maintain ownership, as well as the responsibility to ensure the operational integrity of the tank(s) at our customer’s properties. Our tank rental program funds assist with offsetting the costs of tank general maintenance, repairs, or replacements. The annual rental fee also helps offset the costs of insurance and other regulatory compliance requirements for periodic testing and certification to ensure that the tank is within original manufacturer’s specifications. The amount of rent can vary depending on, among other things, the size of the tank, the location of the residence, and annual usage requirements.

Product Refund Credits

The process of picking up equipment with propane in the tank is a time-consuming process. By law, the level of propane must be reduced to no more than 5% of the tank capacity before it is permitted to be transported from our plant to the next new customer that uses the equipment. There are two fees associated with closing your propane account. There is a tank removal fee and a product restocking fee. The product restocking fee applies if there is product left in the tank prior to either having it removed, or if you are moving and would like to receive credit for the remaining unused propane. In these cases, the company issues gas credits at the original sales price, less a $0.60 per gallon fee to remove and restock all unused propane. In addition, we may charge a one-time service fee to verify the amount of product left in the tank.

Tank Removal Fee

This fee covers administrative activities and labor costs associated with removing equipment and closing a customer account, such as issuing the customer a refund, processing a final statement, and picking up the tank upon termination of service. Tank removal fees vary depending on the type and configuration to the equipment application, as well as other operational requirements necessary to safely and efficiently remove equipment.

System Leak Test Fee

This fee may be charged to cover the cost of labor incurred to conduct a leak test. Leak tests are required when introducing gas into a new gas piping system, when checking a piping system for leakage immediately after the gas is turned on, or when a system has been initially restored after an interruption, or repair to a gas system.

Service Reconnection Fee

This fee may be charged for reconnecting the customer’s gas service following a tank lock-off. Reconnect fees may vary depending on the circumstances leading to the gas service interruption and if it is scheduled during normal business hours or will require afterhours service.

Will Call Fee/Out of Route Trip Fee

This fee may be charged to a Will Call customer if they request delivery either same day, or outside of their normal scheduled delivery timeframe. All Will Call customers are required to order fuel a minimum of 72 hours in advance of needing a delivery. The fee helps to offset the additional cost of rescheduling routed customers and completing a special delivery at the will call customer’s request.

Emergency/Special Delivery Fee

This charge may be charged to Will Call customers who request deliveries outside of normal business hours.

Service & Installation Fees

Service and installation fees vary based on many different factors including, the specifics of the application, customer type, equipment sizes, variations with customer site locations, and safety and regulatory requirements. Please contact your local service center to schedule an on-site visit to review your project.

Late Charge

This charge is assessed when a customer does not pay a bill within the agreed upon credit terms.

Collection Fee

This fee may be charged to cover the costs of dispatching service or delivery personnel for the purpose of collecting a past due payment for an account. An additional Service Reconnection Fee may apply if the service has already been disconnected for non-payment.

Please contact your servicing location with additional questions related to our products and services fee schedules.

Centreville, MD - (410) 758-1234 (24 Hour Line) or at [email protected]

Dagsboro, DE - (302) 732-6651 (24 Hour Line) or at [email protected]

Caledonia/Knowlesville, NY - (585) 538-6836 or at [email protected]

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