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Important Update - Advancements in Cereal Grains:
While seed laws and regulations have not changed, breeding has. Advancements with scab tolerance, standability, yield, and disease resistance have been great. As a result, owners of various varieties – biotech companies - have sought to safeguard their research and investment by obtaining patents and PVPA protection on new variety releases to protect their intellectual property. For instance, on wheat and triticale varieties, approximately 70% are currently patented and 28% are PVPA protected (the remaining 2% are older lines that are limited and falling out of favor). Protecting their investment in this way will allow them to continue to bring you better varieties in the future.

Pay close attention to the tag on the seed you are planting so as not to inadvertently violate patent and PVPA laws.

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GROWMARK FS congratulates grower Henry G Everman of Dansville, NY as the 2020 Overall Yield Contest Winner in the Conventional Non-Irrigated Category. He placed first in New York State for his crop of FS InVISION FS 6202V, topping out at 299.8 bushels. Henry works with GFS Agronomist and Crop Specialist Don Jones on his growing strategy and inputs.

“One thing you learn about Mother Nature is that you can’t control it,” notes Jones. “So you control the inputs and the timing instead. Henry will not make the mistake to plant too early and that’s been key to his success.”

Latest News

January 07, 2021
Learn more about the importance of changing your oil during the off season.
GM 1645.jpg
November 10, 2020
Moisture in fuel tanks can cause many problems including plugged filters, tank corrosion, microbe growth and more. Ultimately, it can lead to downtime due to plugged filters or perhaps fuel injector or pump failure. This article provides tips for managing moisture before it causes problems in your tanks and in your equipment.
hydraulic cylinder istock photo Sep 2020 web optimized version.jpg
September 15, 2020
Choosing the right hydraulic fluid can pay dividends. But there is a lot to know in making a good decision. Viscosity, wear protection, water handling capabilities, foam suppression and oxidation resistance are among the most important considerations.
FS_Library_3562 (1).jpg
September 11, 2020
A Pre-Season Grain Bin and Equipment Check List
GRO-20019_FS_Sulfur_Article Image_R01_320x200-2.jpg
September 04, 2020
Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium usually come to mind first when growers think of critical nutrients for their corn or soybeans. But environmental changes in sulfur levels are causing growers to rethink their nutrient management plans. Learn more.
S18866 FS InSPIRE Wheat logo_HORIZONTAL.jpg
September 02, 2020
GROWMARK Inc., an agricultural cooperative serving retailers, businesses, cooperatives, and customers in the U.S. and Canada, has announced today that their FS Wheat product line has been rebranded as FS InSPIRE Wheat.
Vertical drum.jpg
July 30, 2020
For many years, the trusted 55 gallon drum has been the most common container for lubricants.. However, mishandling drums can turn high performance lubricants into worthless waste oil. Proper storage and handling techniques are the solution and help prevent it.
May 15, 2020
Developed to perform in extreme (XT) operating conditions, FS Syn Hydraulic XT ISO 46 is a full synthetic, anti-wear hydraulic oil for all-season performance.
Coolant Image.jpg
May 12, 2020
A typical antifreeze/coolant formulation is 96% water and glycol. However, the remaining 4% is important and can have a lasting impact on a heavy-duty diesel engine.
GRO-19004_FS_Seed Treatment_Article Images_180x100.jpg
April 28, 2020
Seed treatments provide young plants protection against threats like disease and insects. Two multi-year trials show the value of two popular soybean seed treatments to manage diseases.



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