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The grass is greener on our side.


GROWMARK FS operates a turf facility in East Berlin, PA producing and packaging blended turf for golf courses, landscapers, and homeowners, distributed through major retail outlets along the East Coast. 

A portion of the production also includes an extensive line of ice melt products.  

Visit our East Berlin, PA - Turf facility for purchase and application of these products.


GreenYard™ Consumer

Grass seed blends for use in home lawns, sports fields and commercial uses. Selected for it's adaptability to a wide variety of soil types. Superior quality seed products.

GreenYard™ Professional

GreenYard™ seed blends and mixtures for any location and situation. Blankets and mulches that reduce erosion and weed competition, to encourage early growth. A wide variety of GreenYard™ pre-emerge, weed feed, straight N-P-K grades and specialty blends. A full line of turf pesticides to control weeds, insects and plant diseases.