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Every grower, farm, and field is different.

No one knows more about crop growth and development – and how to optimize yield –
MiField Analytics helps farmers drive toward optimal profitability.
MiField Analytics is focused on working with growers to assist them in better understanding their cropping practices and to deliver data with recommendations that help them be more profitable, per acre, on their field.



GROWMARK FS is a proven leader as agriculture moves toward the next convergence of data analysis that enhances management decisions on growers' fields.

MiField Analytics discovers trends and calculates success probabilities on agronomic products and practices.

These insights are compared and analyzed with data from the grower's field to fine tune the cropping recommendation, and increase the probability for higher profitability.

  • Yield and Profitability Analysis
  • VRT Recommendations
  • By single variable
  • By multiple variables

Aggregated farm data allows advisors to identify and analyze trends of specific situations to better predict outcomes and increase the chances of higher profitability.

For example, reasonable yield predictions can be made by looking at thousands of pooled data points.

  • Planting date
  • Genetics and traits
  • Planting rates
  • Soil type
  • Nitrogen rates and management
  • Fungicide treatment
  • Rainfall



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